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2023 Client Success Stories: August

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2023 is your year!  This year we will be recognizing and celebrating our client achievements each month through the various health and fitness journeys. Successes in health and fitness may look different for each person out there. We hope hearing about what others are going through, persevering with many of the same ups and downs, will be encouraging and motivating to stay positive.

The ups and downs of life can be a brutal reminder that even with the best of intentions, there is not always a straight path to success. Joe has pushed through some tough times, injuries, and illness and is still standing tall. With a new mindset and renewed focus, 2023 has been a success. Here is a bit more about his story....

“I feel that I have a somewhat relatable story for how I’ve handled my physical fitness over the last three years. Prior to the pandemic I was in a pretty good groove with working out on my own and twice a week workouts with Sean.  When Covid-19 hit, that did change all of that and not for the better for me. I made the effort to work out at home but that soon gave way to more and more of just letting myself eat and drink whatever I wanted. Not the greatest course of action but that’s what happened. Toward the tail end of 2020 I ended up being hospitalized for Covid and then immediately following my release from the hospital my father passed away. With the combination of being sick and then suffering that loss, I really didn’t pay attention to my body at all. Fast forward to 2021 and in-person sessions slowly began starting back up at PT in the D I made the effort to get back on track. I was doing pretty well until I had an accident at home in November which caused me to be off my feet for some time, followed by surgery and then recovery. During that time things went from bad to worse as far as diet and exercise and it began to weigh on me mentally. 2022 was probably the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, and I knew I had to change that but didn't have the mindset to push myself yet. Around late 2022 I started researching diets and even tried keto and intermittent fasting but neither really worked very well for me. 

However, with 2023 approaching I knew I had to make a change. In January of this year, I began to hold myself more accountable for my diet, so I joined Weight Watchers.  This worked very well for me, and I began shedding weight as I followed the program and increased my physical activity. It was at this time in early 2023 that I ran into a fellow PT in the D client (and friend). In speaking with her I remembered how much I missed the studio workout sessions and fellow clients I’ve come to know over the years. Following that conversation, I reached out to Robert and soon rejoined PT in the D. Being back at PT in the D has been great for me! I’ve continued to lose weight (and keep it off!) but I’ve also begun to see an increase in muscle and strength, which makes me so happy. I’ve not felt this good about myself in so long and I’m so grateful for my weekly strength training sessions but also for how Sean continues to challenge me each month. Having this support and the enjoyment of in person training has been a huge motivator for me. Of course, my doctors and family are also happy that I’ve made these personal changes to my health but I could not have done it without the motivation, sense of accountability and support of my PT in the D family.”  

-- Joe U

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