PT in the D is now scheduling in-person training based on demand.
All sessions are currently individual one on one training (or same household) sessions.
We hope to resume our semi-private training in the near future.
Our focus is to continue to keep everyone that comes into the studio as safe as possible with all the proper social distancing and cleaning protocols.
If you are not quite ready to come into the gym yet, we are still offering select virtual training sessions as well.

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  • PT in the D Client Spotlight February

    PT in the D Client Spotlight February

    Getting started with a trainer or new exercise program is a big step for many people. We are forever grateful that Anne found us, and decided to take the leap into a healthier lifestyle. Anne has been kicking butt in the studio for the past few years, and has gained the reputation as a fierce competitor in the process. But the truth is, she has put in the work and dedicated her time and energy every week to get to where she is today. That has continued over the past 10-11 months to stay committed to the Zoom sessions to push herself each week, even during many stressful times throughout this past year. From Anne... "When we realized that a lockdown was inevitable, aside from all the ....

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  • 2021 PT in the D Client Spotlight January

    2021 PT in the D Client Spotlight January

    Today marks the start of our 8th!! year in business! The pic you see was taken on day 1, with our first client in the studio. It's crazy to look back and see where we were at then (didn't even have most of our equipment yet, everything is laying on the ground if you look close) and think about how fast the 7 years have gone by. We owe much of our success to our great clients that show up and trust us to support them with their health and fitness each and every week. Given the tumultuousyear that was 2020, we are still standing and ready to move forward. With so many of our clients still doing virtual training from their own homes, we are trying a few different things to keep our ....

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