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2023 Client Success Stories: October

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2023 is your year!  This year we will be recognizing and celebrating our client achievements each month through the various health and fitness journeys. Successes in health and fitness may look different for each person out there. We hope hearing about what others are going through, persevering with many of the same ups and downs, will be encouraging and motivating to stay positive.

We've said multiple times that success is different for each person. For many, the process of having ups and downs and in turn learning what is most important in that process is the successful part of the story. Here is a bit more about Shannon's process and finding a healthy lifestyle that helps her stay mentally, emotionally, and physically strong....

"I’m excited to be back at PT in the D. Some of you may remember I worked out at PT in the D for multiple years before the pandemic. When I first came to PT in the D, I was desperately trying to lose the extra baby weight after having my second child. Robert taught me so much about strength training, foam rolling, calories in versus calories out, and how to deal with intermittent back and shoulder pain. Robert’s methods worked, I was in the best shape I had been in since high school, and then I got cocky. Given all the knowledge I had gained about physical fitness, I thought I was ready to go it alone.

I bought weights, medicine balls, kettlebells, etc. In fact, my husband and I built a gym in our basement with everything we’d need to stay physically fit. And for a while, a very short while, I continued to work out on my own. Then my motivation began to lag. I relied on calorie restriction instead and lost weight but also lost muscle. Despite the number on the scale, my body did not look as good as when I was working out at PT in the D. And then, my motivation to calorie restrict also melted away and the pounds came back. My mood also suffered. This August, I finally admitted to myself that I needed help as my real problem is lack of motivation. I learned that buying all the equipment will do nothing if you don’t use it. So, I made that call to Robert, humbly asked him to take me back as a client and am slowly but surely rebuilding all that muscle that I lost. I’ve learned so much from this experience. The number on the scale is not what matters. Fitness is a lifelong journey. Improving one’s mental health requires regular physical activity. And, most importantly, accountability to a trainer is what I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m so grateful to Robert and PT in the D and, this time, I’m going to stick with it!"

- Shannon B

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