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2023 Client Success Stories: November

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2023 is your year!  This year we will be recognizing and celebrating our client achievements each month through the various health and fitness journeys. Successes in health and fitness may look different for each person out there. We hope hearing about what others are going through, persevering with many of the same ups and downs, will be encouraging and motivating to stay positive.

Tom is a great example of what taking some proactive steps to maintain your overall health and fitness can do. Too many times we see people who will wait until something happens to make improvements versus staying ahead of the game to be as active as possible. By staying consistent and adding in a regular exercise routine, he has been able to add strength and improve coordination at a time when most adults over the age of 75 are slowly declining in both those areas! Here is a bit more about his story....

"I have been a client and participant in PT in the D for almost two years. The programs that Robert takes me through were originally suggested by a friend and colleague who is current client as well. Both he and I are concerned about the effects of the aging process, a process that none of us can escape. While I have never been actively engaged in sports per se, I do consider myself physically fit. Over 50 years of teaching college, conducting an orchestra and playing the trombone, I’ve maintained myself. I walk, weather permitting, (used to run and bicycle) and have worked out on my own. A half hour a day of trombone playing doesn’t hurt either…good for the lungs, I’m told!

Given all this, and a relatively slim physique, I am blessed. NOW, here’s the concern: Maintenance as I age to be as active as possible … Robert “pushes” me to perform routines I wouldn’t have thought about on my own. By being consistent with my workouts my strength and coordination have improved. Both of which would normally be progressively declining without a regular workout program. I believe both physical and mental enhancements have been the result of my daily routine."


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