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  • PT in the D October Client Spotlight

    Rami was just getting started with us when the pandemic threw everyone a curveball. We are excited to see how he has been able to stay committed to exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle, all while working through tough conditions in the medical field during unprecedented times. Here is a bit about is story... "Working out has always been a way for me to deal with everyday stress. During the pandemic and working in healthcare as a resident, it became quite pertinent. It hasn’t been easy to squeeze in time to come workout when your schedule keeps changing to working 12-hour nights five or six days a week, but somehow I was still able to make it to PT in the D before or after ....

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  • PT in the D September Client Spotlight

    PT in the D September Client Spotlight

    Julie continues to impress us with her never quit attitude and smile even when there have been some bumps in the road along the way. The pandemic has impacted all of us in very different ways. When you are a people person like Julie, being home day after day can certainly have its drawbacks. Through all that, there is no doubt her desire and commitmentto staying on top of her workouts doesn't go unnoticed. Here are some of her words.... "When the pandemic hit, I was alreadyworking at home but would travel for work - and my workouts at PT in the D. So being completely quarantined at home - I knew keeping up with my workouts was going to be key to maintaining under the stresses and ....

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  • PT in the D August Client Spotlight

    PT in the D August Client Spotlight

    Joe and Rob lead the way when it comes to staying consistent and making their workouts a priority. They have been a mainstay around PT in the D for quite some time, and we hope they continue to feel challenged while enjoying the journey through their ups and downs. Here is a bit from them about their last 16 months.... " During the pandemic, almosteverything happened (stillhappening) on video chat—including working out. When the gyms closed, Robertimmediately offered opportunities to keep up an exerciseroutine and evensupplied some workout equipment to makethe transition online as smooth aspossible. We noticed thatwe worked so much harder than we would have ....

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  • PT in the D July Client Spotlight

    PT in the D July Client Spotlight

    No other type of work was turned upside down quite as much as the education sector when the pandemic first hit. Through all that, Jeremy has remained steady with his training and worked through the ups and downs of the work struggles and finding time for fitness at home. Here is a bit more of his story..... "I started training with PT in the D in January 2018 and have continued training two to three times a week even through the pandemic. Each workout challenges me to improve, while Robert and Sean coach me to ensure my form and technique are correct. When I joined PT in the D I was struggling to find a healthy balance between work and life while making time to work out and ....

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  • PT in the D Client Spotlight June

    PT in the D Client Spotlight June

    Meghan has met each challenge the pandemic has thrown at her with an enthusiasm and focus to improve, which is impressive even when in a normal year. We appreciate her hard work and commitment, and dedication to a consistency in her daily lifestyle to stay on top of her health and fitness. Here is her story.... "I have been training with Robert and Sean for about 4 years now. They keep me on track with my overall health goals. What I enjoy the most about PT in the D is the overall environment. Everyone is very encouraging, and it has been extremely helpful to my overall well-being during the past 15 months. Robert quickly adapted to virtual training and worked with me to obtain ....

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  • PT in the D Client Spotlight May

    PT in the D Client Spotlight May

    The last 14 months have no doubt been challenging, but Moe has been consistent and patient while continuing to work hard! She's stuck with her home work-outs and found some success adding running and biking into the mix with her strength training. Here is a bit about her journey... " I started trainingwith Robert and Sean in early 2019. I instantly loved the comradery of the group sessions and the progress that I saw myself making during the first year. When the pandemic hit, I was definitely worried about losing all the gains and the consistency that I had worked towards in that first year at PT in the D. But within the first coupleweeks of the pandemic, Robert and Sean started ....

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  • PT in the D Client Spotlight April

    PT in the D Client Spotlight April

    In a normal year, many of us can find enough excuses to allow our own health and fitness goals to be put on the backburner. Enduring a challenging year like the last 12 months, there is no shame in being forced to prioritize work, family, child-care, and anything else that may have created new challenges in 2020. Lynette has, like most, endured her fair share of ups and downs over the last year. But not many have remained as steadfast in their dedication and determination to their health and fitness. Here is Lynette's story... "I have been training with Robert since the Fall of 2015. My approach to physical and mental well-being has been widely influenced by my training and what I ....

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  • PT in the D Client Spotlight March

    PT in the D Client Spotlight March

    One year ago this month, none of us really knew what was going to transpire or how impactful Covid would be on our day to day lives. Even through a year like no other, there were many that were able to successfully manage some of the ups and downs! This is Ann's story.... "I started working out with PT in the D about one year ago. I was struggling with some knee issues at the time. From the beginning, I felt very comfortable with Sean and was just getting used to things…. and then COVID hit. For the months that they were closed, Sean sent me workouts for me to do at home. He kept in touch to see how things were progressing, as well. Sometime last summer, we started ....

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  • PT in the D Client Spotlight February

    PT in the D Client Spotlight February

    Getting started with a trainer or new exercise program is a big step for many people. We are forever grateful that Anne found us, and decided to take the leap into a healthier lifestyle. Anne has been kicking butt in the studio for the past few years, and has gained the reputation as a fierce competitor in the process. But the truth is, she has put in the work and dedicated her time and energy every week to get to where she is today. That has continued over the past 10-11 months to stay committed to the Zoom sessions to push herself each week, even during many stressful times throughout this past year. From Anne... "When we realized that a lockdown was inevitable, aside from all the ....

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  • 2021 PT in the D Client Spotlight January

    2021 PT in the D Client Spotlight January

    Today marks the start of our 8th!! year in business! The pic you see was taken on day 1, with our first client in the studio. It's crazy to look back and see where we were at then (didn't even have most of our equipment yet, everything is laying on the ground if you look close) and think about how fast the 7 years have gone by. We owe much of our success to our great clients that show up and trust us to support them with their health and fitness each and every week. Given the tumultuousyear that was 2020, we are still standing and ready to move forward. With so many of our clients still doing virtual training from their own homes, we are trying a few different things to keep our ....

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